Patient Support Specialist at Clara Health (San Francisco)

Patient Support Specialist

San Francisco

About Us

A central contradiction in healthcare is that, as a patient needs more support and has more questions and fears, they often find fewer answers and more roadblocks. At Clara, we believe that it should be a patient’s right to understand and have easy, unencumbered access to all of their treatment options. The newest treatments that can offer hope today to patients are being administered in clinical trials, but they’re gated behind physicians and antiquated websites, barring most people from accessing them.

We’re changing that.

At Clara, we’re building a platform that helps anyone discover the treatments available in clinical trials that fit them. This industry has lagged in technology disruption for too long - the inefficiencies are preventing patients from accessing treatments that they need, and they’re creating one of the largest barriers in bringing new treatments to market. Democratizing access to clinical trials not only dramatically benefits patients today, but also brings more treatments to FDA approval faster, impacting millions of future patients for generations to come.

We’re incredibly fortunate to play a huge role in helping our patients everywhere find their next course of treatment. If all this sounds pretty exciting to you too, we’d love to welcome you to the team.


The primary role of the Patient Support Specialist is to fully support and guide patients and caregivers in learning about and finding clinical trials.

Their goal is to work with patients, family members and/or health-care providers to assist patients in their efforts to identify appropriate clinical trials and help overcome obstacles to enrollment. They will use their assessment skills, online databases, and information from clinical sites to determine qualification for particular trials.

This position is available for a part-time role (remote) anywhere in the world, with flexibility for the right individual.