General Application at Clara Health (San Francisco, CA)

General Application

San Francisco, CA

Empower patients to connect with the right clinical trial for them

We're looking for individuals to join us in our mission to democratize healthcare, starting with clinical trials! 

Healthcare can be faceless and overwhelming. But, in the next few years, a wave of patient-centered technology and services will begin to transform the way healthcare is accessed, distributed, and discovered.

Today, clinical trials are the longest and most expensive step in bringing a new treatment to market, and over 80% of trials run are delayed due to difficulty finding participants. At Clara, we’re doing our part by building a platform that combines leading-edge technology and empathetic patient focus to make it simple and approachable to find and connect to clinical trials that fit them best.

In democratizing access to clinical trials for all patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds - while also helping research teams more efficiently reach out to and engage with the patients that they need to participate in their trials - we believe we can help make healthcare more diverse, open, and welcoming.

COVID-19 UPDATE Currently, Clara Health is working directly with organizations running COVID-19 trials to inform and recruit eligible participants to the different studies. Through Clara, COVID-19 patients are empowered to access potential treatments faster, and are collectively helping to hasten the discovery of targeted treatments and a vaccine.