World Without Covid - a Public Health Initiative by Clara Health

Help create a world where COVID can’t win.

As researchers worldwide race to find better testing, treatments, and vaccines, here’s how you can help.

Clinical studies and plasma donation centers need your participation. Whether you’ve been infected, are recovered, or have never been exposed at all - we need you.

Join this free, privacy-protected, public health initiative and let’s end this pandemic together.

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About the initiative

World Without COVID empowers everyone to fight this pandemic through advancing research and blood plasma donation. While social distancing is helping to slow the spread of the virus, we can do more!

There are currently hundreds of COVID-19 studies taking place. World Without COVID instantly matches you with opportunities to participate in clinical trials for vaccines, treatments, antibody testing, and blood plasma transfusion.

Blood plasma donation is an urgent need. It’s very similar to giving blood. Doctors are using blood plasma from COVID-recovered people to help treat others who are severely ill with the virus. Sadly, there are more sick people than recovered, so blood plasma stores are low. Please donate if you can!

Bottom line, any one of us could be key to discovering the vaccines and treatments that will put an end to COVID-19. Your participation is crucial to helping save lives and getting our communities healthy again.

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against COVID-19

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Your privacy

World Without COVID is a free public health initiative powered by Clara Health. To date, Clara has led over 10,000 patients through more than 60,000 clinical trials for every imaginable health condition.

To better connect you with the right clinical trial, you’ll have to share some personal information. Rest assured, the platform is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant, and Clara Health’s patient-support team is entirely in-house and certified for Good Clinical Practice (GCP), ICH, and Human Subjects Research.

Plus, you own all of your own data. We only share it with the research studies you tell us to. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time by sending an email to [email protected].

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Strength in adversity

World Without COVID started out as the brainchild of Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyft. After he and his physician wife Lydia contracted and survived COVID-19, Raj was driven to empower others to fight this pandemic.

The reality of COVID-19 is truly terrifying. Still, we can’t let fear and social stigma around the virus weaken our efforts to unite against it.

Most people who know they are COVID-positive are either self-isolating or getting hospital care. Recovered patients like Raj and Lydia are doing what they can to help, from donating plasma to participating in studies.

We’ll stamp out COVID-19 when we stamp out any stigma related to this disease. Let’s support everyone - COVID-positive or -negative - coming forward for testing and clinical trials. We’re all in this together.